Privacy policy - Legenda

Privacy policy

Data protection

Legenda Ltd. and its partners pay particular attention to protection of visitors data. When processing your data to act in conformity with Act LXIII of 1992 on the Protection of Personal Data and Public Access to Data of Public Interest and other legislation in force on data protection as well as with the practice of the data protection officer, and taking into account major international recommendations relating to data protection.
On our website you find links to other service providers where the privacy policies and practices can be different. Linked sites are not under the control of Legenda and Legenda is not responsible for the data protection of linked sites.

Data collection and data processing

When you browse our webpage Legenda web server gather information about the fact of browsing. We monitor the following type of data through our web log files: (A) the IP address of your internet service provider, (B) the pages from where you have arrived, (C) the pages visited, (D) the date, time and duration of the visit.
The purpose of data collection and data processing
While making you reservation we only require data needed for the sightseeing trip. The personal information we collect is used to identify clients and tickets.

Transfer of data to third parties

Legenda doesn’t transfer any data processed by it to third persons under any conditions except for mandatory reasons foreseen in the relevant legislation or with the consent of the data subject. Legenda employees, partners and service providers handle all information relating to the person and data of its clients as business secrets.

Data protection, data security

Legenda has made all reasonable efforts to protect your Personal Information from disclosure, manipulation or unauthorized access.

Data protection disclamer

Legenda is responsible for the above data protection guidelines. Should you have questions, please contact us.

Online ticket purchase

Welcome to the Legenda booking system based on the K&H Bank secure internet payment solution. Below you can read how to book and buy tickets securely:

When shopping, you should pay attention to the following matters:

  • Read through the sightseeing programs, departure times and the details of online reservation and payment!
  • Study the booking security conditions since these will guarantee the security of your data.
  • Note your data relating to your purchase!
  • Keep a record of the transaction data connected to your payment. (transaction ID, authorisation code)
  • Make sure that unauthorised person does not have access to the secret data of your card!
  • Use a browser that recognises the option needed to SSL encryption!
  • One booking can not contain more than 20 tickets.

About security

SSL is an abbreviation for an accepted encryption method called Secure Sockets Layer. This Bank has a 128-bit encryption key to protect the communication channel. A firm named VeriSign makes possible for K&H Bank the use of the 128-bit key, with which we ensure the SSL-based encryption. For the time being this encryption method is used in 90% of global e-commerce. Before transmission, the browser used by the buyer encrypts the card holder’s data with the help of SSL which means they are passed to K&H Bank in a coded form, this way they are indecipherable for unauthorised persons.

About online payment

K&H Bank’s Internet payment system allows the use of cards like MasterCard and VISA and VISA Electron (the use of the last one is subject to the permission of the issuing bank), and cards for only internet use.

Placing your online booking, purchase and payment takes place in the following way:

  • On the page of Legenda you select the departure date and time, program and the number of tickets, for which you intend to pay with your credit card. Then you enter your name and your e-mail address and click on the “Next ” button.
  • Please confirm your email address. The Reservation ID indicated in the confirmation e-mail will be sent to this e-mail address.
  • Click on the  “Next” button and you will see a summary webpage and you will receive an email with Reservation details.
  • Click on “Confirmation and payment by credit card” and you will leave the website of Legenda and we will redirect you to the web page of our payment processor K&H Bank, where you can pay with the most secure encryption available for bank transactions.
  • You will need to enter your card data on the web page of K&H Bank. Click on “I pay it” button to start the payment process.
  • Following the payment, click on “Back to the shop” and you will be directed back to the Legenda page, where you receive a summary of your booking and confirmation about the result of the payment. Information concerning your tickets is automatically sent to the e-mail account you gave so you can check the details of your booking.

In the case of bankcard payments, following the successful transaction - this means the approval after the expiry date of the bank card and the coverage are controlled – K&H Bank debits the account of the Card Holder with the countervalue of the goods.
Reserved tickets will be locked for 30 minutes in the Legenda system. While paying no other users can reserve your tickets. If payment in 30 minutes is unsuccessful you need to restart your booking. Please note that booking details are sent to your email address before payment. In case of any touble please contac us and refer to the order number in the confirmation e-mail.
For transaction details or in case of an unsuccessful transaction please contact your bank.

Changing or cancelling your booking, complaint

You can change or cancel your booking 24 hours prior to the relavant departure time. If the transaction qualifies as unsuccessful please contact us. In both cases please give us the Reservation ID indicated in the confirmation e-mail.For cancellation, modification or any further information contact us on the following address(es) or number(s):

Legenda Kft.,
H-1051 Budapest, district 5, Dock 7 Jane Haining rakpart
H-1115 Budapest, Fraknó u. 4.
Trade reg. number: 01-09-066303
Tax id. number.: 10346406-2-43
Tel.: +36 1 266 4190, +36 30 335 2338