Safety Statement & Risk Assessment - Legenda

Safety Statement & Risk Assessment

Safety Statement

All the passenger boats operated by the Legenda Boat Company (Legenda Kft) are licensed to operate as such by the Budapest Főváros Kormányhivatala Közlekedési Főosztály – The Government Authority which controls the operation of all passenger vessels operating in Hungarian Navigable Waters. We also comply with relevant health and safety regulations.
All our vessels are categorised as Class A1 Passenger Ships and as such must be surveyed regularly to ensure that they are seaworthy and are equipped with the safety equipment laid down by the licence. The passenger-operating license is held on board on each boat.
Our boats are checked for mechanical or other faults by every skipper before every voyage and preventative maintenance is carried out by our own experienced team.
All our boats are skippered (driven) by fully trained and qualified skippers who hold relevant Boat Master Licences. This means that they must have passed an exam which includes a practical test as well as assuring an Inspector that they are conversant with Rules of Navigation and various local quirks relating to boat operation on the Danube within Budapest and the Danube Bend area.
The Skippers all hold Marine VHF Radio operating certificates and all the boats are in touch by Radio with other vessels, the River Police and the Danube Navigation Control Office NAVINFO. The Legenda Boats’ crew has First Aid qualifications, trained for rescue procedures that are updated and reviewed regularly. We take passenger safety very seriously.
Crew are taught how to safely tie up boats, help passengers on and off the vessels, be vigilant to any possible passenger dangers and to use the safety equipment on board. Crew and skippers are only then employed if the company is satisfied with their standard of competency and hold necessary licences.
Our boats carry the regulation, life vests and life rings, first aid kits and fire fighting equipment.


Safety is naturally paramount to us whilst school children and members of the public are on our boats. With respect to the safety and comfort of all our passengers we would like to draw your attention to the following:

  • All of our boats are under the strict controls of the Budapest Főváros Kormányhivatala Hajózási Főosztály and are issued with licenses on an annual basis to take passengers. We also comply with relevant health and safety regulations.
  • We carry all the relevant lifesaving appliances and firefighting equipment. Our crew are regularly trained and practiced in the use of this equipment.
  • Each boat is staffed by one skipper and one crew.
  • Our crew are trained in first aid, and there are first aid kits on board every boat.
  • Please check the weather and wear appropriate clothing. Waterproofs in the rain, and sunscreen, hats and long sleeves will protect your group from burning in hot weather.
  • The boats are equipped with flushing toilets. Running water is provided for hand washing.
  • Some of our boats are wheelchair accessible.
  • All the boats have public liability insurance.